Why Businesses Are Quick to Embrace Artificial PU Leather

Why Businesses Are Quick to Embrace Artificial PU Leather

When it comes to products made out of leather, such as wallets, belts, or shoes, minimal materials can bring the elegance it brings. You'll find leather in everything that is considered luxurious. Even the new interior designs are fast to prioritize furniture mainly covered in leather and have the price tag to prove it. However, with the calls to be much kinder to animals and the constant growth of all things vegan, a new kind of material with leather-like qualities had to be developed. This product is known as puv leather. It stands out in everything that it accompanies. Many shoes and furniture businesses are picking this leather, and clients love it.

Why your business needs artificial PU leather

Artificial PU leather is short for polyurethane leather. This material is made out of thermoplastic polymer and is what people commonly refer to as vegan leather. It is an entirely animal-free product, but if you're still undecided about the product, perhaps these advantages will help you make up your mind.

Cheaper than real leather

As previously mentioned, leather identifies with high-quality and expensive products. However, you can get the same quality for a fraction of the price with artificial PU leather. With this kind of leather, you can still produce high-end products with better profit margins making it perfect for businesses. Your number one goal in business is to satisfy clients and ensure the business grows to sustain its operations. You quickly achieve this with this type of leather.

Can withstand extreme weather

Another advantage of PU leather is that it is not affected by either hot or cold temperatures. Unlike genuine leather that shows signs of deterioration at -15 degrees Celsius, PU leather remains in tip-top shape even in temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius. This makes it great for products such as shoes, jackets, or gloves. You can easily capitalize on markets that need furniture and clothing on leather that suits their condition if you pick this type of leather.

It retains its shine and color

Natural leather products are great, but all their color will fade or lose shine. This effect is caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, PU leather is resistant to ultraviolet rays, meaning it will retain its gloss and color. This feature makes it great for interiors. No client will resist something that stands out in terms of color. Buy it and scale your business.

It does not contain VOC

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are chemicals in many products, including leather. These compounds can, in some cases, affect the user's health. However, artificial PU leather does not contain volatile organic compounds making it safe to use. The material is also anti-bacterial and mold resistant.


Leather is an excellent option for making certain products. However, if you want a material with leather-like qualities and is vegan-friendly, then artificial PU leather is the best option. Besides being cheap and temperature resistant, you can find it in various colors on Alibaba. You can't go wrong with PU leather for your business products. Try it today.