Finest Blonde Hair Wigs for Women

Finest Blonde Hair Wigs for Women

Condensed Details & Products Recommendations On 613 Blonde Wig

Hair Wigs elevate the look of any outfit and open a portal of possibilities to experiment with colorful styles and trends without damaging your natural hair. The list below incorporates details and recommendations of 613 blonde wig styles and textures offered by ALLOVEHAIR in a Blonde shade. ALLOVE ensures that all its products are manufactured without any chemical processing and delivered on schedule, supported by a responsive Customer Care Service.

What Do You Mean By Blonde Wig?

Blonde wigs simply refer to the pigment of the hair used in the wig, which is a Blonde shade. The wigs included in this list consist of different styles and varying shades of Blonde, like a 613 Blonde color or Ginger-Blonde Ombre Highlights.

Available Textures In Blonde Wig

ALLOVEHAIR offers a variety of hair textures in a Blonde shade to choose from- Straight Hair, Wavy hair, Crimps Curls, Body Wave and Deep Waves. All wigs are processed naturally; hence no chemical smells are present. The texture and color of hair can be modified.

Available Lengths In Blonde Wig

All wigs offer different lengths of hair. The length of the hair is affected by the style and texture of the hair. These wigs provide hair lengths ranging from a minimum of 8 inches up to 30 inches. 50 words

Blonde Wig Products

  1. Straight Texture With Long Length Blonde Wig

This wig by ALLOVEHAIR is made with 10A Grade 100% natural human hair. It features Straight Blonde Hair with a hair density of 150%. The 13*4 Transparent Lace Net is designed with Swiss Lace. Available Hair Lengths are 14 inches to 30 inches. The package includes 1 piece Blonde Straight Hair Wig and 1 Wig Cap.

  1. Wavy Textured Long Blonde Wig

A High-Definition Body wave textured wig in 613 Blonde shade. It is made with 10 A Grade virgin Human Hair and a 13*4 transparent SwissLace Net. Lengths of hair in stock for this style are 14 inches to 30 inches, and the hair volume is 150%.

  1. Short Blonde Bob

This ALLOVEHAIR wig comes in a 613 blonde shade with straight hair and a short bob style. The lace net used is made with Swiss Lace and comes with a T-Part Frontal. Lengths of hair offered range from 8 inches to 14 inches with a 150 % wig density.

  1. Blonde Wig With Deep Waves

The wig comes in a 613 Blonde shade with loose Deep Wave textured hair. Frontal Lace Closure dimensions are 13*4, and it comes with pre-plucked Baby Hair for a refined natural finish. The length of the hair, when stretched, measures 10 inches to 30 inches with a hair density of 150%.

  1. Super-long Straight Blonde Hair Wig

Made with 10-A Grade natural Human Hair, this wig flaunts High-Definition Straight hair in the shade 613 Blonde. Hair Lengths available are 14 inches to 30 inches with a volume of 150%. It also comes with a 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure with pre-plucked baby hair.

  1. Deep Wave/Crimp Curls In Blonde Wig

This 613 Blonde Wig features Crimp-Curled Deep Wave textured hair with a density of 150%. The 13*4 Lace Net is made from Transparent Swiss Lace and comes with pre-plucked baby hair. Stretched hair lengths available for this wig are 10 inches to 30 inches.

  1. Blonde Frontal Wig With Orange Shade (Bonus Pick)

This Ginger-Blonde Ombre highlight comes in a beautiful Body Wave texture. The hair volume is 150%, and the wig is made with 10 A Grade unprocessed Human Hair. The 4*4 Lace Net is made with Swiss Lace and comes with a frontal closure. Hair lengths offered are 10 inches to 30 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the maintenance guide of this 613 blonde wig?

To prolong the wig's life, it is suggested to wash the hair followed by a deep condition twice per week. Untangling the hair before washing will prevent shedding. Avoid blow-drying your wig. Air-drying is the recommended method.

How can I return the product?

The customers can initiate a return within 15 days of receiving the package for a refund. Before beginning the return, the customers must write to the seller about the return with their order number at [email protected]. Customers shall be responsible for paying the shipping fees for the return. It is to be noted that no refund shall be provided if the products are found to be used or damaged.